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Succulent - Crassula 'Sunset' (4 Inch)

Succulent - Crassula 'Sunset' (4 Inch)

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Crassula Sunset

Beautiful succulents, sun-lovers and are perfect for in windowsill indoors or in succulent gardens. Has big green leaves that have a string of red along the edges.

Placement/uses: Containers or succulent gardens

Flower: Blooms in late winter, early spring

Mature Size: 3-6 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide

Pruning: Not Necessary

Hardiness: Prefers Zone 10-11 (2-15 Degrees Celsius)

Sun Exposure: Full sun

Soil:Well-Drained soil

Water Usage: little, soak and dry method, its best to let the soil dry out between watering

Toxic to pets