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Succulent - Crassula Ovata 'Jade Pant' (4 Inch)

Succulent - Crassula Ovata 'Jade Pant' (4 Inch)

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Crassula Ovata 'Jade Plant'

Beautiful succulents, sun-lovers and are perfect for in windowsill indoors or in succulent gardens. It has big green leaves that have a string of red along the edges.

Placement/uses: Containers or succulent gardens

Flower: Blooms in late winter, early spring

Mature Size: 3-6 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide

Pruning: Not Necessary

Hardiness: Prefers Zone 10-11 (2-15 Degrees Celsius)

Sun Exposure: Full sun

Soil: Well-Drained soil

Water Usage: little, soak and dry method, its best to let the soil dry out between watering

Crassula Ovata 'Jade Plant' is an easy and enjoyable plant to grow in your yard and home

Toxic to pets