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Annual - Solenostemon 'Vulcan Coleus' (6 inch)

Annual - Solenostemon 'Vulcan Coleus' (6 inch)

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Coleus is a beautiful leafy plant that likes partial shade and can grow to be taller than 36 inches. It can be planted close together as bedding plants or tuck them into baskets and containers for a fast-growing and spectacular addition.

In a 6 Inch Orange Terracotta Pot, Perfect for your Decks and Patios!

Placement/uses: Borders, containers or mass plantings

Mature Size: up to 36+ inches tall and 1-10 inches wide

Pruning: Not Necessary

Hardiness: prefers zone 11 (7 to -12 Degrees Celsius)

Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

Soil: Fertile, well-Drained soil

Water Usage: Moderate

Mildly toxic to pets